GTSTIC Grand Traverse Science and Technology Innovation Center

GTSTIC Overview

GTED (Grand Traverse Band) is very excited to support the development and ongoing management of the Grand Traverse County, Kingsley and Traverse City areas, new Grand Traverse Science and Technology Innovation Center (GT STIC) and Industrial Park to be located at Camp Pugsley near Kingsley, Michigan and only 14 miles southeast of Traverse City, Michigan on Class A highways.

GTED is actively looking for GT STIC tenants in aerospace and satellite manufacturing, cloud based big data, EDW, secure data centers, product distributors and other associated Industries tenants for our GT STIC campus!

GTED and our industry teaming partners as part of the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturer’s Association (MAMA) are very pleased to offer the GT STIC secure compound and facilities as the proposed future Command and Control (C2) Center site for the MI Commercial Satellite Launch Facilities Initiative (SLFI) led my MAMA and Michigan aerospace manufacturers, satellite communications and manufacturing companies, construction companies and others.

GTED and our GT STIC campus near future tenants such as BSSW, TERRAPORT Technologies, ATLAS Space Operations, GTEC and others will be offering STEM, manufacturing, construction and other trades training and certification courses and on-site technology jobs opportunities for GTB and other Tribe Members, Veterans, and others!

We will be working closely with our Local, State and Federal Government Agencies, as well as industry and University teaming partners in development of the GT STIC Industrial Campus and training programs!

For further information, please contact Elaine Clement or Roger Stull at GTED at 231.493.8841 or 231.947.2748 |